The Secret Commonwealth- Philip Pullman- 4*

Volume two in The Book of Dust trilogy fast forwards us in time to 20 years after the events of volume one, and 7 years from the end of His Dark materials. Lyra is now a young woman, and her and her daemon Pantalaimon's relationship has become strained in a way neither of them could … Continue reading The Secret Commonwealth- Philip Pullman- 4*


The Almanack – Martine Bailey – 1*

Tabitha Hart has been urgently called back to her home town of Netherlea by her mother, however she arrives to find her mother has died in dubious circumstances. Tabitha is determined to find put what happened, especially after finding cryptic notes in her mother's almanack. The villagers are reluctant to help her, believing her to … Continue reading The Almanack – Martine Bailey – 1*